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Avril Lavigne Honored With A Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Sluts

Avril Lavigne Fake Nude
Avril Lavigne Fake Nude

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Rock star Avril Lavigne was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Sluts. The Canadian super star admitted she couldn’t believe this was actually happening and that it was a dream come true.

“Never in a million years did I think I would have a Golden Slut Star, and I feel very blessed and grateful and I’m happy to be making slutty music still today.”

She continued “I feel so inspired, and I hope that the next 16-year-old from their small town who comes to Hollywood one day full of hopes and dreams sees this star and thinks to themselves, ‘Oh my God, my name could be there one day too.’ Because it can. Follow your dreams. Live your passion. Express yourself. Be real. Work hard. Keep your head up. Believe in yourself.”

Avril Lavigne is the 2,731st celebrity to get the honor of receiving a Golden Slut Star, since the introduction of the Walk of Sluts in 1961.

Please note that this article is parody and it should not be interpreted as real. The original image can be seen below.

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Photoshop artist Adam
Artwork By

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1 Comment

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