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Bella Thorne Sparks Controversy Over Selling Photos That Were ‘Not As Advertised’

Artist: Adam
Bella Thorne Fake Nudes
Bella Thorne’s nude OnlyFans pictures were not what fans signed up for.

Bella Thorne, the former Disney channel actress, broke sales records on the platform OnlyFans last week. The sexy redhead earned over $1 million within just 24 hours after signing up.

OnlyFans is a an adult platform that allows content creators to sell their own media directly to their fans, by using a subscription-based service. It is home to a lot of influencers, adult performers and even celebrities who like to share content that might be too X-rated for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

“OnlyFans is the first platform where I can fully control my image; without censorship, without judgement, and without being bullied online for being me.”

Bella Thorne

While the platform is best known for hosting various types of NSFW content, Bella made it absolutely clear from the start that she was not going to post any explicit snaps on her page.

Bella set the price for subscribing to her feed at $20 per month. However, the blowback began almost instantly. Users where shocked and disappointed to find out Bella posted completely nude pictures on her OnlyFans page. This was not what her subscribers expected to see, resulting in thousands of mislead fans demanding refunds.

Fans had really hoped that Bella would use the platform to “get up close and personal” with her following. They imagined she would post personal photos of her daily life, some interesting behind-the-scene shots, and intimate messages like Bella wishing them “good night” and “good morning” via voice memos.

Stumbling upon the nude shots on her OnlyFans page was a complete shock for a lot of people. Thousands of fans were disappointed and angry over the misleading photos she has been posting. The refunds were coming in at such a high rate that the platform had to change their policies permanently. 

How do you feel about the uproar Bella caused? And what do you think of her sexy picture? Let us know in the comments.

This parody was based on the news article: “Bella Thorne sparks controversy over selling non-nude photos that were ‘not as advertised’“. This Bella Thorne fake nude picture was created by photoshop artist Adam. Do you have a personal photo you like to have the clothes removed from? Send in a fake nudes commission now!

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