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Demi Lovato Has Developed A Passion For Pornography In Lockdown

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Demi Lovato says she’s taken up pornography as a new hobby during coronavirus lockdown

Demi Lovato has found a new way to spend her time during the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview on the US breakfast show Today the American singer opened up about “exploring” some interesting new hobbies while being stuck in lockdown. Her latest passion is all about pornography.

The Sorry Not Sorry hitmaker explained how her newfound hobby came to be:

“I got into pornography, I’ve just been taking pictures on my iPhone of my pussy! Oh my god, [it’s the] simple things that ended up bringing me a lot of joy, so you just have to keep stimulating yourself in order to just become the best version of yourself”.

The 29-year-old added that focusing on doing something she loves has been very beneficial for her mental health, saying:

“I think the most important thing that I’ve learned [from this year] is how much I am okay with myself and loving myself”.

“I feel like I have the most confidence when I’m working on myself. I’m reading so many porn magazines, like, at once, which has never happened. I am not a reader! That’s when I feel the most confident, when I feel like my horniest self.”

Demi went on to give some advice for fans who might have struggles to stay positive during these hard times.

“I would say explore, because it wasn’t until this year that I started exploring things that bring joy to my life in little ways.”

Have you taken up any unexpected new hobbies during the pandemic as well? Drop a comment below.

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