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"Hey there, the name's Adam. I've worked as a professional photographer for about 10 years. I was specialized in nude shoots and I even worked with some big companies in the past. Porn photoshoots require lots of retouching to make the model's bodies perfect, so you're spending a lot of time in photoshop. I actually started to like the editing more than taking the actual photo. So at one point I just made to switch to becoming a fulltime photoshop artist instead. My experience as a photographer certainly helps in creating realistic fakes. I know how to handle visual aspects such as lights and shadow, and I have a perfect understanding of the female anatomy. If you're looking for an experienced artist to take on your project, I'm your guy."

Rate of this artist: 45 USD

Base rate: $45 USD for 1 fake of 1 person in the categories: fake nudes, face swaps, cumshot fakes, dickgirl fakes, x-ray fakes. Other requests are custom quoted.
Additional costs apply for: adding over 2 specific requirements, adding a caption, adding cum or humiliating body writings, adding multiple persons in 1 scene, adding a custom/specific background, adding your own dick into the scene.

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1. Face Swaps:★★★★★ 4.8
2. Fake Nudes:★★★★★ 4.5
3. X-Ray Fakes:★★★★☆ 4.2
4. Fake Facials★★★★☆ 3.9
5. Dickgirl Fakes:★★★★☆ 3.7

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Terms & Conditions when hiring this artist

Process Description

Send me an inquiry through the request form at this page. I will usually respond within 24 hours. If I can create your request I’ll give you a non-obligation price quote for the work. If you wish to proceed I’ll send you a payment link and you make your payment by credit/debit card. You’ll receive your fake by e-mail within the deliver time you selected in the request form. 


I accept requests submitted through the official request form only. Please do not e-mail me with a request. E-mails with attachments often end up in my spam folder, so my advice is to always use the online form to get in touch with me.


I can be contacted by e-mail from Monday to Friday. If you request a rush service I will also reply and work on your project during weekends or holidays.

Pricing and Quotations

My starting rate is displayed at the top of this page. If you have a project in mind that does not fit into the standard options, I will create a custom price quote for you. Additional fees may apply if extra work is requested, you can find more information about these at the top of the page. Please respect that I do not negotiate about my rates. A price quote you receive is valid for 24 hours. Unless otherwise stated a price quote is always for editing 1 person in 1 photo. If your quote has expired you will need to contact me to activate it again.

Turnaround Time

By default you will receive your fake within 3-5 business days. This is counting from the moment your payment has been made. Saturdays, Sundays and USA public holidays are excluded. A 24 hour rush service is available at an additional fee, this can be included in the request form. This service also covers delivery on weekends and holidays.


You will receive a non-obligation price following every inquiry. If you accept the proposal you can make your payment through a secure payment link. Any major credit card, debit card and prepaid card provider is accepted. The billing statement will be 100% discreet without any details of the services provided.


You will receive the fake through a secure download link by e-mail. The link will be active for 72 hours. After your link has expired I can only retrieve your image if you included the “Backup Service”. You will receive the edited image as a JPG file. I cannot share any project files.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel at any time BEFORE any payments have been made. After a payment has been made, the commission is final and it cannot be cancelled by any party.

Refund Policy

No refunds are possible. The only exception is if the commission cannot be delivered due to unforeseen circumstances from my side.

Adjustments Policy

If I made a mistake I will fix the error free of charge. Only apparent flaws, such as forgetting to add a requested element, apply for this. Any other adjustments are only accepted if the “Tweaking Service” has been included in your order – you can add this service in the request form. Please note this service cannot be added afterwards, you need to include it in your initial quote. If the “Tweaking Service” has not been included adjustments are custom quoted with a starting rate of 25 USD. If you included the “Tweaking Service” but did not use it, you will receive a 15 USD voucher that can be exchanged on a future commission.

Backup Policy

By default I will not store any backups of your work. Only if you included the “Backup Service” in your order (available in the request form), a backup will be kept in a secure way. When included, you can contact me to retrieve a new copy in case you lost your fake.

Preview Policy

It’s possible to request a preview first, at an additional fee. You can include this service in the request form. When included, you only pay the cost for the preview up front. You’ll then receive a low-res, possibly censored preview of your fake. Based on the preview you can decide if you’d like to purchase the full version or want to cancel at that point. The preview cost will not be refunded.

Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy. After your request is finished I will delete all your correspondences with me, your contact information and the photos you provided. I will NEVER publish any personal fakes I do for you. If you commissioned me to do a celebrity fake this may eventually be published, but private fakes are for your eyes only.

Bulk Requests

I do not accept bulk orders from first-time clients. After we worked a few times together, we can discuss the possibilities for bulk orders. Bulk orders always need to be the same type of request and all with the same subject. I do not offer any discounts on bulk orders and faster turnaround times cannot be added on them.

Tips from this artist

"Hey there. Cool you're considering me to take on your project. I'd be happy to hear your ideas. Here are a few tips to get you started. First, no matter what kind of request you have in mind, I highly recommend to send me as much pictures as possible. Provide some options for me to look at. Even if they don't seem usable to you. I look at them with a different eye, and I quickly catch what pic could work. Another tip. If you're requesting a face swap scene, also include some body shots of your girl. Don't just focus on the head shots. A body shot example is a great reference I can use to select a good resemblance for her. If you don't have one available try to describe her posture. It really helps making your fake more realistic. And last but not least, don't cramp your request full of things you want to include in the scene. It will definitely hurt the overall quality if you're summing up a lots of specific requirements. If you allow some space, I can focus on making the most realistic result rather than focusing on checking off all the requirement boxes. For further advice you can always shoot me a message."


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