Emma Watson Fake Handjob

Request description: "Hey, can you create an Emma Watson fake porn scene for me? Would love to see her give a handjob in an amateur style setting. Your Emma Watson fakes are the best, looking forward to it!"

By Adam, ago

Emma Watson Fake Nude Supergirl

Request description: "Hello I have a bit of a specific fantasy. I have a fetish for girls in a supergirl outfit. Can you make a fake nude of Emma Watson as a supergirl? She doesn't have to be naked of course. But maybe you can open her costume so you can see a bit of her private parts. I leave it up to you!"

By Adam, ago

Emma Watson Fake Nude As A Fleshlight Girl

Request description: "Hi I have a fantasy scene in mind for Emma Watson. Would it be possible to create a fake of her as if she was a fleshlight girl? You know, like the porn stars who got their own fleshlight from their own pussy? I hope it's clear!"

By Adam, ago

Emma Watson Fake Nude Nipple Slip

Request description: "Hey. I think this picture of Emma Watson is really sexy. Was wondering if it's possible to photoshop her so she's having a nipple slip? Or maybe pull down her top so her boobs pops out? Something like that?"

By Adam, ago

Emma Watson Fake Facial Amateur Style

Request description: "Hello. I had a fantasy about this photo of Emma Watson. Can you add a fake facial (fake cum) on her face in this shot? It has a nice amateur feel to it so I think it might look very hot and realistic."

By Adam, ago

Emma Watson Censored Nude

Request description: "Hello. Is it possible to make it look as if Emma Watson is naked in this photo by adding censored blocks over her top? Like she's walking around topless but it's censored out?"

By Adam, ago – Private Adult Photoshop Services

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