We have a solution for every desire. provides unique Photoshop services for clients that seek to have their erotic desires fulfilled. Below you'll find the most common requests listed for your convenience. But if you have a different project in mind we are happy to take a look at that as well. Don't hesitate to get in touch, no request is too weird for us!

Fake Nudes

nudify fake service

Removing Clothes (Nudify)

We erase the clothes someone is wearing in a photo to turn the person naked.

nude face swap service

Nude Face Swap

We Photoshop someone's head onto a nude, look-a-like body.

nude xray photoshop

Nude X-Rays

We make clothing transparent so you can see breasts through them.

Porn Fakes

fake porn photoshop

Solo Porn Fake

We Photoshop someone into a pornographic scenario of your choice.

porn fakes photoshop

Duo Porn Fake

We Photoshop two persons of your choice having sex together.

Cum Fakes

facial fakes photoshop

Facial Fakes

We Photoshop a fake facial or bukkake onto someone's face.

fake cum photoshop

Cum Covered Fakes

We add cum onto someone's chest, ass, clothing or other part of your choice.

creampie fakes photoshop

Creampie Fakes

We create a scene in which someone spreads her legs and has cum dripping from her pussy.

Fetish Fakes

fake body writing photoshop

Fake Body Writing

We cover someone up in humiliating body writings.

bondage fake photoshop

Bondage Fakes

We Photoshop someone into a bondage scenario.

pregnant fake photoshop

Pregnant Fakes

We create a nude fake of someone with a pregnant belly.

roleplay fake photoshop

Role-play Fakes

Want to see a specific scenario or see her wearing a particular outfit? We can make it happen.

foot fetish fake photoshop

Foot Fetish Fakes

We create a picture that is focused around her feet, like a footjob or foot worship scene.

fake pissing photoshop

Pissing Fakes

We create a fake of someone who is taking a piss, sits on the toilet, or receives a golden shower.

Celebrity Fakes

celebrity fakes photoshop

Celebrity Nudes

We create a fake nude of a famous star.

celebrity porn photoshop

Celebrity Porn

We Photoshop a famous celebrity into a porn scene.

celebrity fake facial photoshop

Celebrity Facials

We cover the face of a celebrity in cum.

Gay Fakes

gay fakes photoshop

Nude Male Fakes

We create a nude fake of a guy.

fake gay porn photoshop

Gay Porn Fakes

We Photoshop a guy in a gay porn scene.

Fakes in a particular style

nude selfie fake photoshop

Selfie Fakes

We create a fake nude in a selfie style.

fake snapchat nude photoshop

Snapchat Fakes

We create an erotic fake that looks like it's made with Snapchat.

voyeur fake nude photoshop

Voyeur Fakes

Want create a fake nude in a voyeur style.

Gender Swaps

dickgirl fake photoshop

Dickgirl Fakes

We create a fake nude of a girl and transform her vagina in a penis.

pussyboy fake ptotoshop

Pussyboy Fakes

We create a fake nude of a guy and transform his penis in a vagina.

Body Modifications

fake huge boobs photoshop

Breast Enlargement

We Photoshop breasts into enormous proportions.

huge cock photoshop

Monster Cocks

We create a fake porn picture with a huge monster cock.

fake hairy nude photoshop

Extremely Hairy

We create a fake nude and add an extreme amount of hair on the lady.

Fakes with a message

caption porn photoshop

Dirty Captions

We add a dirty text or story alongside your image.

holding sign nude photoshop

Holding Signs

We create a fake nude with the girl holding a sign, featuring a text of your choice.

fake penis humiliation photoshop

Penis Humiliation

We create a penis humiliation scenario.

Your idea not listed here?

Do you have a different idea in mind? No problem, we create custom projects too. Just shoot us a message explaining what you have in mind, and we'll let you know if we can make it happen. No idea is too weird for us!

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Welcome at We provide unique photoshop services for adult entertainment. Whether this means erasing clothes from photos to create fake nudes or photoshop a person into a porn scene, all fantasies are welcome. Each fake nude request is treated with the utmost respect, discretion and attention to detail.

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