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Did you stumble upon a sexy celebrity picture that would look great fake nude? Or do you have a great idea in mind for a celebrity fake porn scene? Send in your suggestion and perhaps it will spark the interest of one of the artists.

How submitting a suggestion works:

1. Submit a suggestion through the form below and it will be shared with the artist(s).
2. You are informed by e-mail within 24 hours if your suggestion was accepted.
3. The artist will create the fake and you'll receive the result by e-mail. We may also publish it on the website.

How fulfilling a suggestion works:

1. Artists receive an email notification if a suggestion is submitted.
2. The artist has 24 hours to decide if he/she accepts the suggestion.
3. If the fake was created, it is sent by e-mail to the visitor who submitted the idea. It may also get published on the site.

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Important: this feature is for celebrity fakes only. For a personal request, consider a private commission.

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