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Discover our unique clothes erasing service. offers a unique clothes erasing service. We are able to "nudify" a person in a photo by using advanced Photoshop techniques. In other words, we digitally erase the clothes someone is wearing to make it appear as if the subject is completely naked. As a result you get a fake nude picture that looks unbelievable real. We call this a nudify request, nudeshop request or simply a clothes removal request. Our nudify service works well with photos in which the girl is dressed lightly and shows some skin, like bikini or lingerie shots. Check out the examples below to see how the magic works.

Selena Gomez Nudify Fake

Gal Gadot Nudify Fake

Jennifer Lawrence Nudify Fake

Nude face swaps make your wildest dreams come true.

Our extensive Photoshop magic opens up ways you've never dared to dream about. We make it possible to see anyone you desire bare naked in a very explicit way. For example, would you like to see someone spreading her legs wide open? Or perhaps you'd like someone displayed in a specific outfit? No problem! Our artists can make any fantasy come true by doing a nude "face swap". We Photoshop the head of the girl you’d like to see naked onto a different, but similar looking nude body. Of course we make sure to use a nude body that resembles her perfectly, so that it’s impossible to tell the difference. This means the possibilities in creating fake nudes are limitless!

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Dress manipulation

Sometimes the girl in the photo is wearing so much clothing that it's not doable to simply nudify her completely. However, we can always provide alternative solutions to create fake nudes. For instance, we can pop her boobs out and have her flash her pussy,

Kaley Cuoco Fake Nudes Request

Kaley Cuoco Fake Nudes Request

Kaley Cuoco Dress Manipulation Fake

Gay Fakes

Of course we are also happy to take your gay fake nudes request. For example we remove pants in Photoshop and expose a guy's cock for your viewing pleasure. We even match his penis to your preferences - big, small, hard or soft, it's up to you!

Adam Levine Fake Nudes Request

Adam Levine Fake Nudes Request

Adam Levine Nude Gay Fake

Shaved, trimmed, hairy? You decide!

We cater your fake nudes request exactly to your personal taste. It's important to us that the image we create perfectly matches someone's personal preferences. Above all we pay great attention to small details. For example, we include a pubic hair option of your choice when we nudeshop a girl naked. Therefore whether you are into a cleanly shaved, hairy bush, or something in between, you are always sure that her vagina looks exactly as you desire.

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Cara Delevingne Nude Fake

Nudify VS. Face Swap

Are you interested in submitting a request for a fake nude? Then it's important to note that there are two methods we can apply to create your fake nudes request. Firstly, we can nudify the lady in the photo. This means we are erasing the clothes she's wearing. Secondly, we can perform a face swap. In that case we Photoshop her head onto a different, nude body. Which method you should select depends mainly upon your personal preferences, both provide a different feeling. However, the photo(s) you have available also play a role in determining the best approach. Some images are better suited for a removal job, while others work better for a face swap. Therefor we are always happy to take a look at any photos you have available and offer free advice and consultation.

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Example: Scarlett Johansson Nudify Fake

Clothes Removal / Nudify Method

She will look very accurate since the photo remains the same, just without the clothes she's wearing.

Provides a convincing feeling because the background scene remains the same as in the original photo.

The results may be less explicit because her pose is fixed, we just remove the clothes.

Not every photo is suited: the less clothing, the better the result.

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Example: Gal Gadot Face Swap Fake

Face Swap Method

Her head will be pasted onto the body of a different girl, so her body might look slightly different.

The scene and background in which she gets featured are random.

She can be displayed in very explicit way since we can select a custom pose.

Works great with almost any photo.

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Are you ready to submit your request and bring your personal fantasy to life? Great! Submit the photo of your choice and we review how suited the image is to nudify. In addition we also include a price quote for the requested work. Any inquiries are non-obligated and discrete – you don't need to provide any personal information. – Private Adult Photoshop Services

Welcome at We provide unique photoshop services for adult entertainment. Whether this means erasing clothes from photos to create fake nudes or photoshop a person into a porn scene, all fantasies are welcome. Each fake nude request is treated with the utmost respect, discretion and attention to detail.

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