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Have you ever fantasized about seeing a colleague, friend, neighbour or someone else you know completely naked? Of course you have! We all have secret fantasies about the people we know, and it's completely normal. But obviously most of those fantasies stay forever out of our reach. At FakeNudes.com we can bring those fantasies to life. We provide unique adult Photoshop services, such as erasing clothes from photos and creating custom porn images featuring girls you select. Say goodbye to masturbating to random porn stars – get off to images of the hottest babes that you personally know!

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How does it work?

Requesting our fake nude services is easy and discrete. You don't need to signup or register an account. An email address is all you need. We respect your privacy.

1. Submit Your Request

Submit a request for the image you need edited. You'll receive a quote within 24 hours.

2. Approve Your Quote

Give us the green light to proceed and you'll receive an invoice.

3. Receive Your Fake

Your fake will will be created and delivered to you by email.

Our Services

Fake porn is the newest frontier in the adult business. A custom made fake offers anyone the opportunity to have their desires fulfilled at the most personal level possible. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your fantasy a reality.

We erase the clothes someone is wearing in a photo to turn the lady naked.


We place someone into a pornographic scene by Photoshopping their head onto a different body.


We Photoshop fake cum onto someone's face to create a fake facial scene.

Pricing & Payment

We don't charge per hour. We calculate a fixed price for your project, so you will always know exactly what your commission will cost. You don't need to pay immediately after submitting your request. We first review your photo to make sure a quality result can be achieved. We accept payment through every major credit and debit card provider, as well as PayPal. The billing description on your card will not mention any specifics, our services are completely discrete. If your request does not fit into our standard packages, feel free to inquire.



  • We edit 1 girl in 1 photo
  • We remove the clothes she is wearing
  • We add your preferred pubic hairstyle
  • You receive your fake within 3 business days


  • We create 1 fake of 1 girl
  • We Photoshop her face onto a different body
  • We create a pornographic scene of your choice
  • You receive your fake within 3 business days


  • We edit 1 girl in 1 photo
  • We add fake cum onto her face
  • We add your preferred amount of cum
  • You receive your fake within 3 business days

Do you want to test our services? We offer a trial for new clients!

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Fill in our online form and receive a response within 24 hours.

Receive a quote within 24 hours.

Submit the request form and you'll receive your personal quote within 24 hours. We'll review your photos to let you know if they are suitable. Are you in need of advice or do you wish to discuss a project that's more out of the box? Just send us a message through our contact form.

Operating hours

We can be contacted by email from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 21.00 CET. The production time for a project is generally 3 business days. Need your project urgently? Request our 24-hour Rush Service, which is even available in weekends.

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We appreciate it if you give us a title to address you with. But if you prefer to remain anonymous, we respect that as well.

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Extra Services
Backup Service (+$5)
Backup Service
We keep a copy of your fake, in case you ever lose your image. It will be safely stored on an offline disk with the highest security encryption possible.
Caption Service (+$10)
Caption Service
We add a few lines of text or a short story to your image, based on a theme of your preferences. For example a cheating, humiliation or incest caption. We can also add jerk-off instructions.
Tweaking Service (+$15)
Tweaking Service
You may request one round of small tweaks to your finished image. This service is particularly useful for projects of a large scope. By default we do not save any project files, so make sure to include this service if you like to keep the option open for adjustments.
Preview Service (+$20)
Preview Service
You only pay the cost of the Preview Service up front. We'll send you a low-res, censored version of your fake and you can then decide if you like to purchase the full image.
Rush Service (+25)
Rush Service
You'll receive your fake within 24 hours after your payment was processed. Even on weekends!
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FakeNudes.com – Private Adult Photoshop Services

Welcome at FakeNudes.com. We provide unique photoshop services for adult entertainment. Whether this means removing clothes from a photo to turn someone naked or editing your image in a different way, all fantasies are welcome. Each request is treated with the utmost respect, discretion and attention to detail.

Are you ready to submit your fakes nudes request? Great! Fill in our online request form and we'll email your quote within 24 hours. If you need some advice or consultation, we are there for you too. Get in touch and we'll guide you through the process.

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