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As with any industry, fake porn has its own specific terms and phrases. In an effort to provide some clarity for the regular visitor, we’ve compiled this glossary of terms. While it’s by no means complete, this mini-dictionary will hopefully help you communicating and discussing any fake porn related topics, for example when discussing a commission with an artist.

Body Double

The body double refers to the body on which a face has been pasted, which should resemble the person as close as possible.


A few lines of text that are added to a fake to create the feeling of a story.

Clothes Removal

The practice of digitally erasing clothes from a photo to turn the person naked. See also: nudify and nudeshop.

Cum Tribute

The act of ejaculating on a person’s photo.


A photograph, or more commonly a video fragment, in which a person is replaced with someone else’s likeness by Artificial Intelligent computer software.


A woman of which the vagina has been transformed into a penis.

Face Swap

A technique that involves taking someone’s head from a photo and matching it on the body of someone else.


A generic term for an image that has been doctored.

Fake Facial

A head shot of someone that has fake semen edited onto it, making it look as if someone ejaculated over the person in the picture.

Fake Nude

An image of someone that is edited in such a way that the person appears to be naked.


A term to call artists that create fakes. See also: fakir.


A term that was used in 90’s to describe an artists that create fakes. See also: faker.


An acronym that stands for Jerk-Off Instruction; a short text that is included in a fake with explicit instructions to masturbate.


The act of transforming a person in a picture naked. See also: clothes removal and nudeshop.


A term that refers to using photoshop to create a picture nude. See also: clothes removal and nudify.


A term that refers to performing a face swap (see above) and matching the face on a nude body.

Porn Fake

A doctored image of someone that has been put into a hardcore, XXX-scenario.


A photo that was edited in such a way that the clothing appears to be transparent, allowing you to see-through the clothes and revealing private parts such as nipples.

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