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About FakeNudes.com

Artist: FakeNudes

FakeNudes.com is a satirical website which publishes spoof articles. All stories and images on this website are a made-up parody based on factual celebrity news and gossip. As such, all content on this site is fake and it is not intended, in any way whatsoever, to be taken as real.

Let’s be honest, these days the “media” is filled with nonsense. Who cares what Kim Kardashian had for lunch, or what dress Ariana Grande wore to the latest fair. Everything that famous stars do or don’t do is highlighted to the extreme and served to us as pointless “news”.

Our goal is to serve an antidote to this daily grind of celebrity blah blah, by delivering a mix of homemade and hand-picked articles with a comical twist. Humour is always the best remedy, and at FakeNudes.com we know this as no other. Our content creators are experts at mocking tedious celebrity news reports by spinning them into an over-the-top, sexual direction with a childish sense of humour.

After all – if journalists feel the need to report everything going on in a celebrity’s daily life, surely their sexual activities should be part of this as well, right?

With the help of our growing community of photoshop artists and story writers we handpick the funniest and highest quality contributions to deliver weekly updates.