Artist: FakeNudes

Are you interested in a personal commission? We understand that requesting a personal fake might be all new to you. Sharing thoughts about a personal fantasy can seem a little intimidating at first, but really, it’s not to be shy about it. We offer the opportunity to get in touch with professional artists that are very friendly, respectful and open-minded. No request is too large or too small, or too weird for them. To answer some of the questions you may have we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions. If your answer is not listed here, don’t hesitate to send a message.

Q. How does ordering a fake nude work?

A. Private requests can be made by filling in the request form. Your artist will receive your message directly at his/her inbox and he/she will get in touch with you by e-mail to discuss your commission.

Q. Which artists can I hire for a private commission?

A. We only allow the very best artists to accept private commissions through our website, to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. The artists have to meet a certain number of criteria before we allow them to accept commissions, such as having a verified account and a review rating of 4 stars or higher. The artists that qualify can be selected in the request form.

Please note that contacting any other member for a commission is at your own risk and responsibility.

Q. What is the price for a commission?

A. To keep things simple and transparent all artists use the same base price of 45 USD for a standard request. Most requests fit into this box, such as fake nudes, fake porn scenes, or fake facials.

Additional costs may also occur if your request requires extra work. For example, a custom background, or adding a lot of requirements could increase the price. Browse the artist’s profiles to find more information about the type of things that could increase the price.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. Payments can be made through every major credit card, debit card or GiroPay. Some prepaid cards are also accepted.

Q. How long does it take to receive my fake?

A. The default production time is 3 business days. Business days are considered Monday to Friday with the exception of USA holidays. The production time starts from the moment your payment has been processed. Faster delivery options are available for an additional fee, you can select the option of your choice in the contact form.

Q. How is my artwork delivered to me?

A. Your image will be shared with you through a download link that you will receive by e-mail. The link will be available for 7 days, please make sure to download and save the image before it expires.

Q. How many requests can I submit at once?

A. You may submit 1 request at a time. After your commission has been closed, either by having it completed or by having it cancelled, you may opt for a new request.

Also note that you may only hire 1 artist at a time. You have to wait before your project is finished before you can start a new commission.

Q. Can I receive a preview?

A. A preview service is available for an additional fee. Ask your artist about it when he/she contacts you. If you like to order a preview, you pay 20 USD to receive a censored, lowres version of your fake. Based upon the preview you can decide if you like to purchase the full fake, for the regular price. The preview cost does not get subtracted from the regular price, it costs extra.

Q. Can I use the service anonymously?

A. You do not need to signup or register for an account at our website. You only need a working email address to get in touch with an artist. Please use your own, private e-mail address and don’t make use of disposable e-mail accounts. If you do your message will most likely end up in a spam folder or the artist might not take your inquiry seriously. The artists have a high regard for your privacy and will never disclose any information.

Q. Is the payment statement on my credit card bill discreet?

A. Yes. All requests are handled 100% discretely and the credit card statement is completely neutral. It will not mention any specifics of your request nor any references to the website.

Q. Will my image be published online?

A. Personal commissions are completely private and discreet. The artist will never share or publish any of your photos. After the artist delivers your result all materials belonging to your commission are deleted permanently.

Q. Can I request a fake of someone else?

A.If you like an image to be edited that does not show yourself in it, you need to have received explicit consent of the person in the photo. You should not upload any content to the website or to any of the artists that could infringe copyrights, rights of privacy or other intellectual property rights without the permission of the owner of these rights and the persons who are shown in the material. It is your own responsibility to comply to this.

Q. May I share or publish the fake?

A. No. The pictures are for personal use only. You may not distribute them or share them in any way.

Q. Can I also request videos or animated GIFs?

A. No, this is not possible. You can only request image editing services.

Q. How do I know if my image is suitable to turn naked?

A. It’s hard to say, there are a lot of factors that contribute to this. As a rule of thumb you can keep in mind that the more skin that is visible in the original image, the higher the chances are that your image can be made fake nude. You can submit any images you are interested in for a free review. The artists are more than happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Q. Will I see the real breasts and vagina when the clothing is removed?

A. No, that would be impossible. The fake will be a work of fantasy.

Q. Will the result show a hairy or shaved vagina in the fake nude?

A. By default the artists will include a shaved or trimmed vagina. If you have a different preference, feel free to instruct your artist.

Q. What will the size of the image be?

A. This depends on the type of editing that has been requested. If the editing needs to be done to the image itself, the size of the fake usually remains the same as the size of the original photo. If your image is larger than 1500px in width or height, it may get downscaled to make it suitable for editing. If you request a face swap scene, the image will be at least 1000px in width or height.

Q. Can multiple persons be faked into the same scene?

A. If the images you provide are suitable, it may be possible. We recommend to discuss the idea with an artist, and he/she will give you professional advice and discuss the possibilities with you.

Q. I have a specific image I like to use for a face swap. Can I provide this myself?

A. Yes. You can deliver it to your artist and he/she will review if it’s possible to match with any of the head shots you have available.

Q. Are there any pornographic acts I can’t request?

A. You may not request any beastiality, scat, snuff or mutilation scenes, nor any other unlawful acts.

Q. What is the difference between a facial and a bukkake?

A. For a facial fake the amount of cum will be equal to the load of one guy. The cum is usually concentrated at one area of the face and it will look very believable. For a bukkake scene the amount of cum will be over the top. The photo will be drenched in cum, looking as if multiple men ejaculated over the face. The sperm will be scattered on the face, hair, eyes and clothes.

Q. I am interested in an x-ray fake, what images are suitable?

A. The pictures that work best for this are shots in which the girl is dressed in tight, black clothing. Bikini or lingerie shots are also good options.

Q. Will I be able to see the real breasts and/or vagina in an x-ray fake?

A. It depends. Sometimes an artist is able to make parts of breasts and vagina visible by x-raying them. But the pictures that lend itself for this are rare. Usually the results of an x-ray are minimal, so they will be enhanced with fake parts based on the original body to make a more enjoyable scene.