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Dominatrix Meghan Markle Has The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Feet’, According To Foot Slaves

Meghan Markle Fake Nudes
Meghan Markle Fake Nude

Meghan Markle has the “most beautiful feet” of the planet according to experts.

The feet of the former Duchess of Sussex, 39, scored very highly using a theory developed by foot slaves to measure a foot’s perfection.

Foot specialist Marion Yau, “Miss Foot Fixer”, and leading foot expert Dr Kenny said they were able to work out foot ratings for modern celebrities following the theory.

Marion said: “Foot slaves devised a mathematical formula to determine the Physical perfection of an individual by measuring ratios and symmetry of specific features of the foot.”

“Now while all women have beautiful feet, we can use the foot slaves’ theory to score whose feet are the most beautiful.”

Royal beauty Meghan Markle was bestowed the highest Foot Slave rating, a near perfect 95%, using the formula.

Meghan Markle Feet
Meghan Markle’s “Perfect” Feet

Marion and Dr Kenny said the former actress has beautiful “royal feet”.

The second spot on the list goes the British actress Emma Watson, with an impressive score of 91%. Television star Kim Kardashian grabs the third place with 89% and the beautiful Mila Kunis barely missed out on landing in the top 3 with a respectable rating of 88%.

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