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Fake Facial VS. Fake Bukkake

We offer two approaches to create a cumshot fake. Firstly, we can add a fake facial onto the lady in the photo. This means we add cum onto her face equal to a normal load (from one guy). We recommend this approach if you like a generic, realistic looking fake facial. However, we can also create an over-the-top Japanese style fake bukkake.In this case the amount of sperm is huge: it will look as if multiple men ejaculated over her. The fake cum even gets placed in her hair, clothes or eyes. Furthermore, her make-up gets ruined as well. A fake bukkake scene will look more rough and hardcore. Which method you should select depends solely upon your personal preferences, both provide a different feeling.

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Example: Taylor Swift Facial Fake

Facial Fake

She gets covered in a normal amount of sperm, equal to the load of one guy.

The sperm is usually focused around her mouth, nose, chin or cheeks.

Provides a believable, realistic feeling.

Her eyes and hair are avoided.

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Example: Melissa Benoist Bukkake Fake

Bukkake Fake

She gets drenched in an over-the-top amount of sperm from multiple men.

The sperm is everywhere, her face gets completely drenched.

Provides an over-the-top, hardcore feeling.

Sperm could also be placed in her eyes and hair, and her make-up gets ruined.

Alternative cum fake services.

A fake facial on the face is the most popular kind of cum fake request. But alternative destinations to add fake cum are also an option of course. We can expel fake cum on the breasts, stomach, ass, clothes or hair as well. Just let us know what you have in mind, the possibilities are endless!

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Fake Cumshot Request

Including Cocks

We are able to add a cock into the frame to make the scene even more explicit. We can even use a photo of your own penis for this if you desire. That makes the fantasy truly as personal as possible!

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Cumshot Fake Request

Group Cum Fakes

We create group cum fakes as well. For girls that love to take pictures together this is the perfect solution. We add a fake cumshot on all of the persons in the picture with wires of cum crossing over from their faces.

Cum fakes with a face swap.

We can take the fantasy even further, if simply adding fake cum to your photo isn't enough to satisfy your needs. Our artists create cum-filled, fake porn scenes based on your personal preferences. So instead of just adding fake cum onto the woman's face, we also Photoshop her head onto a different, look-a-like body. This method is called a "face swap". By doing a face swap we create scenes like fake gangbangs or fake blowjobs. Check our porn fakes service for further information.

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Porn Fakes With Cum

We create messy porn fakes as well. In that case we first Photoshop the lady into a hardcore scenario of your choice. After that we add fake cum into the scene to give her a happy ending.

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Creampie Fakes

A creampie scenario is also possible. In order to create a creampie fake we Photoshop the woman's head onto a different, nude body in which she is presenting her cum-filled pussy (or asshole).

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