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‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Star Caity Lotz Explains Why She Quit Escorting For Acting

Artist: Riley
Caity Lotz Fake FAcial

Caitlin Marie Lotz, professionally known as Caity Lotz, is known to most for starring in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Sara Lance. However, before the 30-year-old became a famous actress, she did something completely different for a living.

Caity Lotz toured as a professional escort prior to her acting career. While paid sex was her first passion, Lotz didn’t think that prostitution was a “lifelong thing,” so she decided to switch to acting.

“I fucked because I loved fucking [but] I didn’t think you could be a whore for the rest of your life,” Lotz said during a recent interview. So when she returned from Europe, where she lived for a couple of years making a living as a whore, Lotz started to take acting classes.

“When I came back, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I started taking acting classes,” the California native said. “I didn’t necessarily want to be an actor, but it was an art form about feeling. I wanted to feel those lows and those highs in a safe environment. It was the art of living in the moment.”

Lotz took an acting program at Sanford Meisner before landing different roles in films and TV series.

Although she no longer fucks as often as he did in the past, Lotz said that she still benefits from her years of experience as a whore. “My sexual background [is helpful whenever I do sex scenes],” Lotz said to WWD. “So for me the opportunity to combine my physicality with the acting is super exciting. They actually don’t require you to do [dangerous sex scenes], because we also have amazing doubles that they can use. But I love doing it .”

A new episode of Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday at 9 pm.m. on The CW.

This parody was based on the news article: “‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ star Caity Lotz explains why she quit dancing for acting“. The Caity Lotz fake facial picture was created by photoshop artist Riley. Riley is a professional photoshop artist available for commissioning. Do you have a fake cum request? Send Riley an inquiry.

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Nice big load, just the way I like it

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Good fake, awesome to see Caity Lotz like a dirty cum slut

Charlie Gagnon November 28, 2020 - 1:21 am

Cool. Danielle Panabaker next?


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