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Olivia Wilde Signs With Luxury Natural Skin-Care Brand ‘True Facials’

Artist: Naomi
Olivia Wilde Fake Facial
Olivia Wilde becomes official spokesperson of True Facials

Olivia Wilde is a true multi-hyphenate. An actress, writer, director, producer, and activist, Olivia seems to be able to move from role to role with unbelievable ease.

In addition to her already impressive portfolio, Olivia is also an entrepreneur. The cat-eyed beauty signed on as a spokesperson with organic skincare brand True Facials.

The skincare brand is famous for its natural, biological facials with semen coming straight from the penis, without adding any unnecessary ingredients.

Wilde is becoming the brand’s first official celebrity spokesperson, and the very first prominent celebrity signing of a natural skin-care line in the beauty industry. 

The new position seems to be a perfect fit for the stunning actress. Olivia is the embodiment of the term ‘natural beauty’. And not simply because the actress is genetically blessed, but also because she refrains from using any chemical products on her skin.

“She’s the spark,”said Christina Mace-Turner, chief executive officer of True Facials. “We’re part of a growing number of businesses thinking about sustainable practices and changing the norms in our industry. Olivia completely got what we were doing and it felt like a very natural partnership.”

The 33-year old actress says switching to organic facials was a game-changer for her. Apparently her skin has always suffered from adult acne, and switching from chemical facials to natural facials was the most “healthy choice” she has ever made.

“People assume these nontoxic, natural cumshots are beautiful and lovely and they smell great and you feel pious using them, but that they aren’t actually going to solve the problems you have,” said Wilde. “[True Facials] actually addresses specific issues — whether it’s anti aging or acne. Once I tried their semen I thought, ‘This is something really exciting.’”

This summer, True Facials will release the Basics Collection, a more affordable line with simplified sperm. Olivia states this as a great opportunity for people to try natural facials in a more affordable way.

This parody was based on the news article: “Olivia Wilde Signs With Luxury Natural Skin-Care Brand ‘True Botanicals’. This Olivia Wilde fake facial was administered by artist Naomi. Would you like a personal image to be edited with fake cum? Fire off your fake cumshot request using our form, and Naomi will try to make your dreams come true!

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