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Avril Lavigne, rock’s sexiest bad girl exposed for new Maxim shoot

Artist: Adam
Avril Lavigne Fake Nudes
Avril Lavigne steams up the latest Maxim magazine cover
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Avril Lavigne is posing for the third time for the cover of Maxim, and this latest shoot is definitely her hottest one to date. The punk star is all grown up and fully in touch with her sexy side.

Inside the mag, Avril is just as revealing, saying, “I’m older and more comfortable with my femininity.”

She says “attitude and confidence” are the two fundamental elements what makes a woman sexy. Her latest cover clearly illustrate what she means.

She also reflects on the fact that her sense of style has notably changed since her first Maxim cover shoot – when she was still ‘a nervous 19 year-old tomboy’. Now that she’s both older and more comfortable with her femininity, we see a completely different side of her.

Avril also elaborates on the status of her upcoming album, which she has been working on for the past years. The new album will be “the first that is not about boy-bashing”, but instead it will address some more serious and personal matters.

As for her dating life, the singer – who filed for divorce from Deryck Whibley last October – says: “I like a classy man, a gentleman who helps me undress and gives head and always makes the lady cum first”.

“I’m a little old-fashioned like that,” she admits.

To read more of Avril’s revealing interview, pick up the November issue of Maxim magazine. Her new album is supposed to drop somewhere in 2011.

This parody was based on the news article: “Avril Lavigne, rock’s sexiest bad girl poses for new Maxim shoot”. This Avril Lavigne fake nude photo was created by artist Adam. If you want this artist to create a personal fake nude for you, get in touch with him through our request form.

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