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Britney Spears Feels “Blessed” 10 Years After Shaving Vagina In Tragic Breakdown

Artist: Riley
Britney Spears Fake Nudes
Britney Spears posing for Seventeen Magazine in her prime years

This week marks the 10-year anniversary of Britney Spears controversial vagina-shaving incident from 2007. The much discussed moment was the start of a very rough couple of years for the pop star.

Spears, who is happy and healthy again 10 years later, posted a message on social media last Thursday to reflect on the dark period in her life, saying she “could not be more thankful her journey has come full circle”.

While she did not address the actual shaving incident, Britney shared a picture of her son expressing her deep gratitude, saying: “Found this today and realized I’m a very blessed and lucky mommy.”

The shaving incident, which remains one of the most remembered events in her life, occurred on a late at night on February 16, 2007. The at the time 35-year-old diva stormed into a beauty salon demanding the stylist shaved off her full, hairy bush. When the stylist refused to shave Spears’s vagina, the star grabbed a razor and did it herself, all of which was caught on film. After shaving her pubic hair completely bald, Britney then headed to a tattoo shop and got two tattoos.

The moment started a spiral of sad events in the life of the singer, who suffered from mental illness at the time.

A decade later things are looking much brighter again for her. Spears has worked hard on herself to reach a healthy state of mind, and the star is now able to perform on stage again.

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gadoo33 February 25, 2018 - 11:17 pm

Great fake Riley!!!

Dan February 26, 2018 - 4:17 pm

Oh yes, Britney Spears, got great memories of her for sure. I had a huge crush on her when I was a kid and she actually was the first girl I jerked off to. We didn’t have internet yet back then and as a little boy you don’t have access to porn mags. I remember one day sneaking into my sisters bedroom and stealing one of her girly magazines. It featured an article of Britney and I wanted to stare at her pictures. Before I knew it I had a boner. Long story short, I came buckets of cum all over the magazine and I had to throw away the evidence. Made my sis very pissed when she found it in the trash.


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