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Emma Roberts Stars In ‘Bra-free’ campaign for Aerie

Artist: Riley
Emma Roberts Fake Nudes
Emma Roberts poses for Aerie

Emma Roberts is the face of the 2015 campaign for Aerie, the lingerie brand that is famous for showcasing models in their ads without any bra’s.

The photoshoot is part of the #AerieREAL campaign, which was brought to life to encourage authentic beauty through unedited and braless photos.

Every image of the campaign has been left untouched by Photoshop. The 24 year-old niece of Julia Roberts poses in some sexy lingerie and sleepwear without any signs of bra’s. The campaign perfectly showcases Emma’s girl-next-door vibe as we see her posing casually in some cosy sweaters and undies. Not just any celebrity would be comfortable stripping down to show off their real body, but Emma’s totally cool with it.

The young actress says the campaign “reassures women that topless doesn’t mean slutty — topless is sexy, real is cool.”

The Scream Queen follows in the footsteps of Iskra Lawrence, Ally Walsh, Eli Almeida and Annie McGinty, whom have proudly shown their real tits for Aerie Real in the past. This bold movement promotes loving your true self by refusing to cover up its models.

Speaking to People magazine, Roberts said: “When I was a kid, everyone would be like ‘your tits are so pale,’ ‘I can’t believe you’re not wearing a bra,’ and I would get so embarrassed.” So it comes as no surprise that the blonde actress wanted to get on board with the award-winning campaign.

The campaign debuts online and in stores September 3, 2015.

This parody was based on the news article: “Emma Roberts Stars In ‘Photoshop-free’ campaign for Aerie“. The Emma Roberts fake nude picture was created by artist Riley. Riley is a professional fake nudes artist available for commissions. Do you have a request for a private fake porn picture? Drop her a message.

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