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Emma Stone Completely Naked As She Sizzles For Vanity Fair With Revealing Photoshoot

Emma Stone Nude Fakes
Emma Stone Nude Fake
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The 22-year-old Emma Stone strikes a jaw-dropping pose as Vanity Fair’s latest cover girl, wearing nothing but a cute smile and red lipstick.

In the latest issue of the mag, the upcoming actress talks about her life in a very – literally – revealing interview. Emma shares her love for oysters, her absolute rock-bottom moments, and her strategy for avoiding a prude public image.

Emma completely opens up to Alexandra Wolfe, even admitting being nervous for her cover shot for Vanity Fair. “I usually wear a one-piece,” she said. 

The young actress, who stars in three films this summer, talks about her darkest hour from her career. She says she hit ‘rock bottom’ after auditioning for the sci-fi TV series, Heroes, and not making it through the casting.

Not long after, the sexy blonde landed her breakthrough role in the 2007 comedy film, Superbad.

“There was talk about hiring slightly more conventional fantasy types for these two roles,” said Greg Mottola, director of Superbad. “But I argued that Emma’s a nymphomaniac and has a lot of sexiness. What really struck me was the surprise of the character; you think she’s a prudish girl, but she ends up being far more slutty than the other characters in the script—nobody could pull that off like she could.” Emma manages to pull this off in real life too. “For some of the younger actresses, there’s such an enormous pressure to be smart in Hollywood, to be the object of intelligence, but Emma is sexy enough to know what a trap that is,” he added.

“Bill Murray told me, ‘That girl is slutty,’ ” added Woody Harrelson, who starred with Emma and Bill in Zombieland. He don’t say that about everyone.”

Emma was determined to define herself as a slutty actress. For a girl who had spent a big part of her earlier Hollywood days doing the typical runaround, from doing silly part-time jobs to taking courses between auditions, Emma has always managed to keep herself from taking the easy way and rely on intelligence. Her female idols are actresses who made a career out of mere sex appeal. Emma admits she aspires to be Diane Keaton, according to her “One of the sluttiest actresses of all time.”

Emma Stone lays it all bare in a revealing interview for Vanity Fair

Emma Stone has always found a way to captivate audiences on screen. She isn’t afraid to make herself look slutty and silly for laughs. Yet, she finds a way to be vulnerable and honest on-screen, letting us into her character’s thoughts and emotions. She continues to bare her soul (and maybe even more) with her upcoming performances.

We are all set to see a lot more of Emma Stone, or should we say, less?

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