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Margot Robbie Reveals She’s Taking A Break From Tinder

Margot Robbie Fake Nudes
Margot Robbie Fake Nude

Australian beauty Margot Robbie is stepping back from Tinder, the popular dating app which is often used to engage in casual sex with no strings attached.

The actress informed her 23.7 million Tinder matches that she is taking a break on June 13.

“Jumping off Tinder for the time being,” she wrote alongside a sexy photo of herself.

It’s been over a month since Robbie last hooked up through Tinder. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star to go a long time without logging into her account. So a lot of her former fuck buddies weren’t really surprised by the news. 

“Girl you were already off of Tinder,” one of her bed partners wrote. “Love u though.” 

Another joked, “Your pussy wasn’t that good anyway.”

Another one believed the break will be short lived, saying “You can’t last without some good dick for a week, see you back soon babe”.

Robbie didn’t provide a reason for her Tinder departure. Although, she has been married to Tom Ackerley for quite a while, so perhaps her casual one-night stands are a thing of the past for good.

Margot is set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn in the movie The Suicide Squad later this year.

This story is a parody based on the news article: “Margot Robbie Reveals She’s Taking A Break From Social Media”.

The image displayed above is not real – it is in fact a fake nude picture of Margot Robbie. The image has been modified in photoshop by Adam, to make it look like a naked picture. If you’d like one of your private images edited in the same way, send this artist a message to undress your image in photoshop.

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