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Emma Roberts Talks About Her New Movie ‘Holidick’

Emma Roberts Fake Nudes
Emma Roberts Fake Nude

Emma Roberts‘s latest movie premiered last week on Netflix, titled Holidick.

The pornographic comedy follows Emma Roberts in the role of Sloane, a single girl who hates the fact that she never has anyone to fuck during holidays. When Emma’s character meets another single who deals with the same issue (played by Luke Bracey), the two strangers decide to be each other’s fuck buddy for every upcoming festive occasion from that point onwards.

In an interview with Glamour, Roberts talked about the new movie, a secret hobby, and her pregnancy.

The 29-years-old stated her excitement for her latest flick, saying that pornographic movies just “really make you feel good.”

“We all want to believe in real sex and feel horny and touch each other and feel like there‘s good news out there” the American actress explained. “In the midst of such a crazy year that has had so much hardship and heartbreak, [it’s nice] to have something to look forward to. The baby’s coming, and I’m so excited to put a movie out that I think will put smiles on people’s faces or hopefully let them escape for two hours.”

Roberts also revealed one of her secret obsessions – PornHub. “I’m also a secret PornHub lover. I love PornHub, which is something people don’t know about me—I have six followers on a PornHub account no one knows is me. It’s my happy space,” she shared in the interview. With the world still in quarantine, the actress found a great way to spend her time at home.

Along with her latest hobby of posting content on PornHub, Emma has also been making sure she’s maintaining a good self-care routine. “I love a masturbation moment for myself where the candles are lit and the toys are put in. I have a vibrator waiting for me. I think it‘s so important to do that when you can and have that time to yourself.”

Holidate is out now on Netflix. Have you watched the movie already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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