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Jenny McCarthy and Jamie Chung casted for nude clips in new Command & Conquer videogame

Artist: Naomi
Jenny McCarthy as Tanya Adams

Gamers are already drooling from excitement to get their hands on the new Command and Conquer videogame: Red Alert 3. And not simply because of the addictive gameplay and revolutionary graphics.

Actresses Jenny McCarthy and Jamie Chung, among other big names, have signed up to appear naked in various video sequences for the latest strategy game.

The popular videogame series published by EA has a history of using famous faces in their games to boost sales. For the upcoming release EA goes a step further to cater their young male target audience, by hiring various big names that will be featured topless.

On the casting process, producer Ajami said they used a variety of criteria to decide which celebrities were going to make the cut.

“One, of course, is that we’re always after naked Hollywood stars. And you see that a lot in our game,” he stated. “We also look for people who kind of have slutty cred that satisfies certain members of our audience. Or who don’t mind being in something as sexist, objectively, as Red Alert 3.”

Ajami added: “We also look for actors who just kind of bring a boner to you, who might not have starred in a lot of big name movies.”

“And the last filter, of course is, this being a video game, and a C&C game, and with a 97 percent male audience, you look to have a couple of hot boobies in the game,” he adds. “We have that with Jenny McCarthy and a lot of our co-commanders as well.”

Jamie Chung as Takara Sato

The game producer also addressed the game’s budget, stating that nude appearances made a big financial impact.

“Needless to say… if you take a movie, for example, and you cast somebody naked, then your expectations of that movie is going to be higher. While it’s to a lesser extent, that does apply to games as well.”

“Again, that’s one of the reasons why marketing is pretty heavily involved in this, because they know who best to sell our game to and what naked actress can best speak to that audience.”

Game designer Kasavin thinks the use of nude actors gives the series a unique appeal.

“There aren’t a lot of games with live action nude video anymore,” he said. “And in this game in particular, I think we did a lot more than the previous games to inject the nudity it into the gameplay.”

EA also released a few details regarding the release plans, which includes a limited Hardcore Edition package with behind-the-scenes masturbation scenes of various actresses.

Red Alert 3 is currently set for release this fall for PC and Xbox 360. Are you excited for the latest installment in the franchise, and the cast of naked stars? Share your thoughts in the comments.

This parody was based on the news article: “Jenny McCarthy and Jamie Chung casted for live action clips in new Command & Conquer videogame”. These two fakes were created by Naomi. Naomi is a professional artist available for commissioning. Drop Naomi a fake nude request, and she’ll sort you out.

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