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‘Wanking Dead’ star Lauren Cohan on season 7 finale: “It’s arousing”

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Lauren Cohan fake nudes
Lauren Cohan for GQ Magazine
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Zombie slayer Lauren Cohan is taking over front page honors at GQ Mexico in February. The magazine drops just in time for the return of The Wanking Dead on Feb. 12. Lauren Cohan returns once again as Maggie Greene on the AMC’s hit adult horror show.

To celebrate the launch of the second part of season 7, Lauren Cohan shows off her perfectly toned body. In a sexy photoshoot the Queen of Hilltop shows us her delicious flesh that not just zombies would love to set their teeth in.

Cohan, who has starring on The Wanking Dead since season 2, isn’t giving any spoilers for the season’s anticipated finale. But she does say that the climax will be “arousing.”

“You’re certainly in for a lot of arousal,” she said. “[It’s] incredibly sexy, horny and arousing.”

Lauren’s character Maggie Greene has showed us before she has her sexual needs, even if the world around her is falling apart. We can’t wait to hear her scream more once the new episodes start airing.

The Wanking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC

This parody was based ont he news article: “‘Wanking Dead’ star Lauren Cohan on season 7 finale: ‘It’s hearbreaking'”. The Lauren Cohan fake nude picture was created by photoshop artist Adam. Adam is available for personal commissions, so send him a message if you have a fake porn request.

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