Do you want to see through a friend's or co-worker's clothing?

We all love seeing a pair of sexy boobs, right? Thanks to advanced Photoshop techniques we can make boobs pop-through clothing. We can edit clothes to make them appear transparent, as if you're using an x-ray. Those lovely titties can no longer hide! Do you have a nude x-ray request? Send us a photo and we fake xray the lady to make her breasts visible.

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...And see-through her clothing!

We expose boobs with our nude xray fakes service.

Sometimes girls are wearing such tight outfits that we are able to expose their bodies through their clothing. When someone is wearing no bra or a bathing suit for example, we can do some Photoshop magic to create Xray nudes and make their clothes appear transparent. Our unique x-ray fakes service turns their breasts and nipples clearly visible.

Jennifer Lawrence X-Ray Fake

Kim Kardashian X-Ray Fake

Fergie X-Ray Fake

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Anne Hathaway X-Ray Fake

X-ray nudes: real or fake?

How much of an X-Ray Nude is "real"?

Will you actually be able to see the girl's real breasts in an x-ray nude, or will it be a fake? The answer usually lies somewhere in between. How far we can take an x-ray fake really depends on how suited the photo is.

Of course it's not possible to magically make just every piece of clothing transparent, the image needs to be suited for it. In some cases the results will be 100% real, but most of the times it will be a hybrid of real and fake parts. For most photos it's only possible to x-ray a minor part of her breasts (or vagina). We'll then enhance those results a bit further and fill in the missing parts to make the image complete and more enjoyable. So in theory, an x-ray nude will usually be partly real, partly fake.

How much of her body will you see with a nude X-Ray?

This too, depends largely upon the photo. The tighter and lighter the clothing, the better the results. For an X-Ray fake the focus normally lies on the breasts and nipples. The pointy, curvy shapes of a boob are usually better suited to pop-out of the clothing than other parts of the body. The vagina area is not often a good option to x-ray, although there are a few exceptions (like bathing suit pictures). We'll always inform you about the results you can expect when you file an x-ray fake request.

X-Ray Fakes VS. Nudify Fakes

If you're interested in submitting a fake nudes request, there's a few methods we can apply. We can either x-ray fake, or nudify the lady to turn her naked. For an x-ray fake request we'll make her clothes appear transparent, and for a nudify request we remove the clothes altogether. Which method works best depends upon your desires as well as the photo(s) you have available.

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Example: Camila Mendes X-Ray Fake

Nude X-Rays

We make her clothing appear transparent.

Her breasts will look very close to reality.

Usually only works for exposing breasts and nipples, not her vagina.

Only works with suited photos.

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Example: Scarlett Johansson Nudify Fake

Clothes Removal / Nudify

We remove her clothing altogether.

It won't feature her real breasts or nipples.

The results are more explicit, since her clothes are completely removed.

Works great for most photos.

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Submit your nude x-ray fakes request!

Are you ready to submit your request and bring your personal fantasy to life? Great! Submit the photo of your choice and we review how suited the image is to x-ray. In addition we also include a price quote for the requested work. Any inquiries are non-obligated and discrete – you don't need to provide any personal information. – Private Adult Photoshop Services

Welcome at We provide unique photoshop services for adult entertainment. Whether this means erasing clothes from photos to create fake nudes or photoshop a person into a porn scene, all fantasies are welcome. Each fake nude request is treated with the utmost respect, discretion and attention to detail.

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