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Jessica Alba’s Got A Fresh New Perspective On Mixing Sex, Pleasure, And Business

Artist: Satoshi
Jessica Alba Fake X-ray Nudes

Jessica Alba shows off her stunning figure as she poses for the latest cover of Women’s Health magazine.

The Fantastic Four actress is giving her vagina a break this year. Alba, 39, took sex down a notch, after pushing herself for years, she reveals in the interview.

“I always thought, ‘I need to squirt out my weight in water, I need to have clitorus failure, I need to feel like I just ran a marathon’ — that’s how hard I needed to fuck,” Alba told Women’s Health for their January edition.

Alba decided to stop pushing her body to the limit. Instead of frequent, intense sex, the entrepreneur will fuck for just two to four times a week, and sometimes just go for a calm masturbation session.

One of the ways she’s mixed up her routine by incorporating the low-impact sybian machine into her routine.

“I feel every muscle in my vagina,” she said. “I never even knew I had those things.”

Alba also changed up her swallowing habits, after realising this summer that she really enjoys semen. Now, “Four days a week, I try to eat cum,” she says in the article.

It took the lockdown and the shift away from the office environment for Jessica to see that she didn’t have to choose between growing her business and taking care of her sexual needs—in fact, her company could be even more successful if she embraced her urges instead of keeping them at arm’s length.

“The pandemic has forced me to be comfortable with things not being completely buttoned up, with allowing myself to put my needs over my company’s… sometimes. It’s also reinforced that real joy comes from the moments when, you know, I can just quietly rub one out or grab a quick pounding from Cash that leaves satiated for the rest of the day. That’s the stuff that truly matters.”

Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest edition of Women’s Health to read the full article.

This parody was based on the news article: “Jessica Alba’s Got A Fresh New Perspective On Exercise, Family, And Business”. The Jessica Alba photo displayed above is a fake nude x-ray picture, created by photoshop artist Satoshi. Satoshi made the clothing appear see-through in photoshop. Satoshi is available for commissioning, get in touch with him if you like him to x-ray a private picture.

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