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Are you someone who likes to have the best of both worlds? A dickgirl provides you just that! You can enjoy seeing sexy girly curves and boobs, yet also relate to a rock-hard, functional penis. Porn featuring girls with dicks emerged over the past years as a popular niche. Dickgirls, (also referred to as schemales, ladyboys or futunari), originated in Japanese drawn porn called "hentai". But in modern times, thanks to advanced software as Photoshop, we can create a photographic fake dickgirl of girls you know!

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Gender Swap Fakes

Dickgirl fakes are for the adventurous types among us. Our fake dickgirl service goes one step further than just turning someone naked: we also transform her vagina into a penis to make her look like a schemale. Why? Well, why not!? In the world of fake porn everything is possible, so why not venture into new territories? There's something oddly attractive about seeing a girl with a dick. It's like you can have your cake and eat it too. Don't believe us? Just the examples below, and judge for yourself.

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Dickgirl fakes are created by doing a "face swap" method, which involves taking someone's head and matching it into a different, naked body. After we've done the face swap, we edit the vagina into a penis to create a dickgirl. Below you can check out a few examples that give you a good idea how how a schemale fake works. These images are created for portfolio purposes only, we never publish or share any schemale fakes we create for you.

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