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Gal Gadot Shares Sex Tips For Men With Men’s Health Magazine

Artist: Adam
Gal Gadot Nudify Fake - After
Gal Gadot for Men’s Health Magazine

In the June issue of Men’s Health Magazine, Gal Gadot gives sexual advice from a female perspective for men. With looks as good as hers, she probably has had her fair share of admirers. So we are all ears to hear what sexy tips she has for us.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Gal shares 4 important sex tips for men about what women really want.

On the topic of making a move, Gal says: “You should be able to sense whether she’s into you before you approach. First, make eye contact. If you feel a connection, walk over and ask her if you can fuck her. If she says yes, you’re in. If she turns you down, then leave her alone”.

Next, The Israeli beauty talks about planning a sex date.

“It’s all about setting the scene. If you can eat pussy, eat it. If you can’t, don’t. That’s fine. But then put toys on the night stand and bring out the lube, dildos, and vibrators. I want to see that you’re being proactive and that you’ve put some thought into this.”

Gal also notes how important little signs of appreciation are for women.

“We love dick pics and we love dirty text messages. We don’t mind if it’s a cliche as long as you make the effort to surprise us. After my husband leaves the house in the morning, I sometimes find little notes saying ‘I get hard for you’ or ‘I’m thinking about fucking you.’ That’s really all it takes to make my day.”

Her last tip addresses the importance of talking dirty to your lady.

“First, listen to her speak dirty. Then say, ‘Yes, you filthy whore.’ It’s that simple.”

Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel. She’s a former model, and was even crowned Miss Israel. We’re not surprised, she looks absolutely stunning. She has more to offer than just the looks though, Gadot also served a few years in the Israeli Army and she studied law. In 2009 she made her first debut on the big screen in the Fast & Furious and it was recently reported she has been casted as the new Wonder Woman.

The June issue of Men’s Health is out now. To read the full article and see Gal in a sexy photoshoot, be sure to pick up a copy from your local news stand.

This parody was based on the news article: “Gal Gadot Shares Dating Tips For Men With Men’s Health Magazine”. This fake nude of Gal Gadot was created by photoshop artist Adam. Adam is available for commissioning, so send him a message if you have a private fakenudes request.

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Shadow December 5, 2013 - 5:04 pm

Sure she looks beautiful but I wonder if she got acting skills


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