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Wonder Woman Fans Are Angry About Gal Gadot’s Lack Of pubic Hair

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Gal Gadot on the cover of La’Isha magazine, showing off a completely shaved vagina
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The new Wonder Woman trailer, starring our favorite miss Universe competitor Gal Gadot, has left many fans upset about – what some might call – one trivial detail: the lack of pubic hair on her vagina.

The latest trailer for the upcoming DC movie has started a heavy debate among fans on social media when it was released this week.

The movie tells the story of Diana, a warrior princess who leaves her island that consists solely of female Amazons, to become a superhero and save the planet.

In one particular shot of the trailer, Gadot can be seen spreading her legs to reveal a completely shaved vagina, which caused an uproar among fans. Fans were certain that to be true to the character, she should have a full bush down there.

An amazon would “not know, nor care, about shaving her vagina”, as she comes from a secluded island full of women, most fans argued. Others added that a warrior princess should definitely not be subjected to the world’s beauty standards outside the island. Few shared their sympathy for the creative decision.

Wonder Woman, originally a comic book character, did not have any pubic hair when she first appeared in All Star Comics #8 back in 1941.

Body positivity advocate and blogger Kirsty Baines chimed in on the topic as well, saying she’s “disappointed” by Wonder Woman’s shaved vagina.

“I mean, she is this beautiful empowered female, yet there is still the underlying message that we have to attain to societal standards of beauty. It gives us the idea that it doesn’t matter if we are too busy (in Wonder Woman’s case, saving the world), pubic hair is unattractive and therefore it must be removed.”

“Hair is one of the most natural things in the world, yet the stigma behind women having it anywhere on the body apart from our heads is immense,” she added.

The blockbuster is set for release on June 2. What are your thoughts on Wonder Women’s lack of pubic hair? Leave a comment below.

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