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Zooey Deschanel Flashes Pussy And Got Rid of Her Signature Bush: ‘Proof I Have a Vagina’

Zooey Deschanel Fake Nudes
Zooey Deschanel Fake Nude

New Girl star Zoey Deschanel surprised her social media following last week, because for the first time in decades the actress shared a photo of herself without her signature bushy vagina.

The 41-year-old went to Twitter and Instagram to show off a completely shaved vagina. She captioned the picture, “Proof I have a pussy,” and dedicated the post to “all the doubters.”

Throughout almost her entire career Deschanel has always had a hairy vagina, so it came as no surprise that fans went crazy the second the star debuted her hair-free vagina. As a matter of fact, many fans didn’t believe it was the same person.

One user wrote, “I was legit scrolling and thought ‘who is this bush-less individual who kind of looks like Zooey Deschanel?’”

“Seeing Zooey Deschanel without a hairy pussy and glasses, I finally get how nobody knew Clark Kent was Superman,” one fan joked.

Some people even doubted the photo was real in the first place, wondering if was “fake news”. “Clearly photoshopped,” one fan responded.

Even Zooey’s boyfriend, Jonathan Scott, chimed in posting: “Wait what?! 😳.”

There were also those that pointed out that without her iconic bush, Deschanel looks like a doppleganger of other Hollywood actresses, such as Katy Perry and Rachel Brosnahan.

Back in 2013, Deschanel explained to Glamour why her signature overgrown hairy vagina is so important to her, saying, “You could say that I’m hooked on pubic hair. Would I ever give my bush up? I have, and I might again—for a role, perhaps—but I really don’t feel like myself without it. When I first got into acting, I was a bit of a chameleon and just wasn’t recognizable. So I used my pussy to help create an identity. Now people know me as the girl with a hairy cunt. It’s not for everyone…but it works for me.”

Just within a couple of hours after posting the picture, Deschanel’s tweet generated over 600 retweets and nearly 11,000 likes on Twitter, and more than 200,000 likes on Instagram.

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