Do you want to see a friend or co-worker in a fetish scene?

A fetish fake is for those who enjoy incorporating some kinky fun into their scene. These fakes usually involve unconventional sexual objects or acts such as leather, latex, stockings, bondage, feet, smoking, role-play domination, and much more. When you love to spice things up, a fetish fake offers a variety of sexual scenarios to choose from. Would you love to gaze at your co-worker's sexy feet, enjoy seeing your neighbour helplessly tied up, or peek at your step-mother while she's taking a piss? Send us a photo of the lady from your fantasies and we'll turn your fetish fake request into reality!

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Fake body writing porn for fans of extreme humiliation.

Our fakers are experts at degrading a person in a photo. We ruin her make-up and mess her up with drool, spit, whip marks or tears. It's also possible to modify her clothing and add fetish attributes like masks, gag balls, chains or collars. And as the icing on the cake, we can cover her up with humiliating body writings. Do you have a request for body writing porn? We make your darkest desires come true.

Miley Cyrus Body Writing Fake

Emma Watson Fetish Fake

Angelina Jolie Humiliation Fake

We got every kink covered.

The world of fetishes is very broad and diverse. Everyone has different quirks and tastes. But whatever your turn-on me be, we are more than happy to create your custom fake porn scene. No fetish fake request is too small or large for us – or weird!

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Example: Katy Perry Latex Fake

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Costume Fakes

Would you like to see someone in a specific outfit? For example tight latex, sexy lingerie, or dressed up as a nurse, cop or schoolgirl? We can have her wear anything you desire to make your role-play fantasy come true.

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Example: Keira Knightley Pregnancy Fake

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Pregnancy Fakes

Ever dreamed about knocking up the MILF next door? We create pregnancy fakes on request. Would you love to see someone completed naked with a baby bump? We can make it happen. How big do you like to see her belly?

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Example: Katy Perry Footjob

Foot Fetish Fakes

That hot colleague of yours that is always wearing those sexy high heels... How about seeing her giving a footjob, dominating someone with her smelly feet, or posing naked in sexy stockings? We create all types of foot fetish fakes.

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Example: Miley Cyrus Golden Shower

Pissing Fakes

Watersports fans are welcome to submit their fake nudes request too. Would you love to see someone pissing, or sitting on a toilet? Or are you more into a golden shower scene? We love creating pissing fakes for you.

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Example: Emma Watson Brutal Fantasy

Extreme Porn Fakes

Are you into extreme, rough sex in which a girl gets brutally fucked without mercy? We create a BDSM, bondage, domination, torture, slave or other extreme porn scene based on your personal desires.

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Welcome at We provide unique photoshop services for adult entertainment. Whether this means erasing clothes from photos to create fake nudes or photoshop a person into a porn scene, all fantasies are welcome. Each fake nude request is treated with the utmost respect, discretion and attention to detail.

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