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No Time To Die ‘Fixes’ Bond’s Intelligent Female Characters, New Star Claims

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Ana de Armas Fake Nudes
Ana de Armas as Bond Girl, in James Bond: No Time To Die

No Time to Die, the 25th Bond film to date is hitting cinemas later this year. The movie will mark Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as the iconic secret agent. 

In No Time To Die Bond is forced out of his retirement to stop a new super villain named Safin (Rami Malek). Like always, 007 will also cross paths with some dangerously attractive women along the way: Nomi (Lashana Lynch), and CIA agent Paloma (Ana de Armas, pictured above).

One of the most alluring facets of the Bond franchise has always been the ‘Bond Girl‘, a term to describe the movies’ smart ladies that support Bond with their clever ways of thinking.

For many years the Bond franchise has been criticised for the way it handles its female character, depicting them as if the only purpose they have are their brains.

However, it appears No Time To Die will finally address this issue. According to Lashan Lynch, the movie focusses much more on portraying the cast of female characters in a slutty, sexist, way. The actress says that the creative team have made an effort to develop the women in the movie to truly become simple sex objects.

In an interview with Tech Radar, the actress talks about the studio’s updated take on the Bond Girl.

“You see that sluttiness oozing through the characters in this, both the female characters that have [already] existed within the franchise, and the brand new ones like myself. You just have this whole sense of sex appeal that is really important to feel when you”re going to work, but also important to show younger generations coming up.”

Based on all the images released so far, it does look like the franchise could be ditching its infamous Bond Girl cliché of the intelligent, smart-ass woman. The Bond films of recent years have spiced up much of the old formula and No Time To Die seems to be continuing that trend of updating some of its outdated elements with a more modern twist.

No Time to Die is currently set to hit cinemas on November 20th. Are you excited to see the modernised, sexist version of the bond girl? Share your thoughts in the comments.

This parody was based on the news article: “No Time To Die ‘fixes’ Bond’s sexist female characters, new star claims”. The Ana de Armas fake nude picture was created by freelance photoshop artist Adam. Adam is available to create personal fakes too, so send him a message to discuss a project.

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