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Ten Years Later, Naked Katy Perry Admits ‘I Fucked A Girl’ Lyrics Are Problematic

Katy Perry Fake Nude
Katy Perry Fake Nude

It’s hard to imagine that it’s already over 10 years ago that Katy Perry made her debut as a pop sensation. From kissing girls to shooting fireworks out of her breasts, from roaring like a horny lioness in the jungle to giving boys wet dreams as a candy-coated beach girl, Katy has built an impressive diverse repertoire over the past decade.

The singer, now 33, had her breakthrough with the mega hit I Fucked A Girl. The cheeky lesbian song was quick to peak charts all across the globe and managed to keep the #1 position for months.

In the music video of the song, Perry is seen dancing and flirting around in pink silk sheets singing about her “experimental game,” which she describes as “Not what good girls do / Not how they should behave.” 

Still, while I Fucked a Girl was a massive commercial success, it was heavily criticised at the time by many, including Gossip’s Beth Ditto, who argued that the song was ‘offensive to gay culture’.

Now, 10 years after the release, Katy admits that she would rewrite parts of her breakthrough hit if she could.

“If I had to write that song again, I probably would make an edit on it,” she said. “Lyrically, it has a couple of stereotypes in it. Your mind changes so much in 10 years, and you grow so much. What’s true for you can evolve.”

She did, however, state that her intentions for the song were truly genuine, saying: “I speak my truths and I paint my fantasies into these little bite size pop songs. For instance, I kissed a girl and I liked it. Truth be told, I did more than that”.

“Funny how just 10 years ago I Fucked a Girl was so naughty!” says veteran DJ host Elvis Duran, while reflecting on the decade-old hit. “But, in true Katy fashion, it was a groundbreaking song. Not only was it fun, the lyrics made her new fans curious to know more about her. It was bold. It was confident. It was in your face. Reaction was mixed, but it was refreshing to hear the conversations that followed.”

Bonnie McKee, bisexual songwriter who collaborated on many hits with Katy, reminisced on the song as well. “So much of it is brilliant”, she says . “It’s really just a few little colorful phrases that could’ve been angled just a little differently. I think there was a way to write that song where it didn’t have quite as much shame infused into it, but it got everybody talking about bisexuality, and I think that is very important.”

The American Idol judge is currently in a relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, 41, so it appears her days of ‘fucking girls’ are over.

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  1. Anonymous

    December 20, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    Amazing fake, best fake of Katy i’ve ever seen

  2. johnny

    December 21, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    always had a crush for katy perry i love her big tits

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